7 Reasons Snowflake is the Preferred Cloud Data Warehouse


Snowflake, the top cloud data warehouse, registered an amazing financial result for the first quarter of Fiscal 2023.

According to reports, Snowflake’s product revenue report for the quarter was at $422.4 million, representing 85% year-over-year growth. The company has 6,322 total customers and 206 customers with trailing 12-month product revenue greater than $1 million.

The snowflake data warehouse solution would benefit from the continued growth of the cloud computing market, which can reach $411 billion by 2023.

“During Q1, product revenue grew 84% year-on-year to $394 million dollars.

We closed the quarter with a record $181 million of non-GAAP adjusted free cash flow, pairing high growth with improving unit economics and operational efficiency. Snowflake’s strategic focus is to enable every single workload type that needs access to data,”

What are the advantages of using Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse?

Snowflake is a true SaaS offering specifically since there are no hardware or software (virtual or physical) to select, install, configure, or manage. Here are the main reasons why organizations and businesses prefer Snowflake over its competitors.

  1. Architecture as the main differentiator: Snowflake architecture allows for easy scalability and elasticity, making it ideal for any size business. Snowflake decouples the storage and compute functions, which means organizations that have high storage demands but less need for CPU cycles, or vice versa, do not have to pay for an integrated bundle that requires them to pay for both.
  2. Performance and Speed: Snowflake is designed from the ground up to provide the best performance possible. From multiple virtual warehouses, automatic query optimisation and cluster tuning to micro-partitions; the whole Snowflake architecture allows faster query processing.
  3. Easy Data Sharing: The architecture allows seamless data sharing between consumers and providers. This is not limited to Snowflake users; you can share your data with even those who are not clients. Snowflake provides a complete solution to oversee any workload, including real time streaming data, batch processing, and ad hoc queries. It supports both structured data such as CSV, TSV, etc. and semi-structured data including JSON, XML, Parquet, Avro, ORC.
  4. Pricing: Snowflake offers on-demand pricing, meaning that you pay based on the amount of data you store and the compute hours/minutes you use. Unlike a traditional data warehouse, Snowflake also provides the flexibility to easily set-up an idle time, so you do not have to pay if the warehouse is inactive. It also offers a set of tools that allow users to easily build their own custom applications.
  5. Data Processing & Compatibility: With SQL as a single language used in Snowflake, users can do data blending, analysis, and transformations without needing to learn a new language to be able to leverage the service. For general users, Snowflake provides complete ANSI SQL language support for managing day-to-day operations. It is built on open standards and open-source technology, allowing customers to use the same code base across different platforms.

It is cloud agnostic, with unlimited, seamless scalability across Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

  1. Security and Encryption: By default, Snowflake encrypts all customer data at no additional cost. End-to-end encryption allows only a customer and the runtime components to read the data. While Client-side encryption means that the cloud storage only stores the encrypted version because a user encrypts stored data before loading it into Snowflake.
  2. High Demand for Cloud Services – The popularity of snowflake data warehouse is due to the high demand for big data analytics and the need to store and process large volumes of data. Also, owing to the rise of remote work culture, the demand for cloud services is booming.

Organizations such as Netflix, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Uber utilize Snowflake. Snowflake has set an ambitious goal of reaching $10 billion in annual product revenue by fiscal 2029. If this happens, it could potentially generate nearly $20 billion in annual revenue by fiscal 2031.

What users have to say about Snowflake

As a cloud-agnostic solution, you don’t need to worry about system failures or delay due to high queries competing with Snowflake. Queries from one virtual warehouse won’t affect others thanks to the multi-cluster architecture. – Shiv Pawan Kumar, Data Architect

Snowflake is a fully automated platform that supports sophisticated features such as warehouse auto-scaling, big data workload and data sharing. Snowflake helps decrease the workload as there is no purpose to monitor the data consumption through data discovery tools.” – Balagopal R, Software Engineer

Recruitment Services for Quality US IT Staffing

US IT staff have seen a steady growth with organizations looking for skilled and qualified people with the right skills. One of the best ways to hire a set of skills is to reduce the cost of renting out your resources. There are many companies with US IT staff that can provide you with professional and personalized services. They take care of your employees’ needs and help shape the future and consistent success of your business.

Releasing your hiring resources may seem to benefit you as these unions, especially those that provide US IT staff services, offer the following:

  • Employee benefits, including insurance etc.
  • Employee recognition and awards
  • Use of skill or talent
  • Open communication with the client
  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Training

Some of the benefits you, as a business, can get by outsourcing your hiring resources to an US IT staff can be listed as follows:

  1. Cost effective

Reducing rental and marketing costs is one of the major benefits of hiring US IT staff resources. The in-house rental process can be very expensive as you have to spend on advertising, testing and selection. If the service is outsourced, all of this is the responsibility of the staff agency, thus proving that the cost works well for you.


  1. Proper use of resources

Hiring an US IT staffing agency can be beneficial for you as this will save you the time your HR resources spent on finding and hiring the required staff. They will then be able to focus on the more important issues such as staff retention, employee satisfaction, staff training, increasing employee productivity, etc. The labor company will only recruit them for the final candidate selection process.


  1. All quality US IT professionals   

The US IT staff company has the right collection of US IT professionals, who can provide you with the person you need with the right skill and the right knowledge for your need. They can help hire IT professionals such as IT administrators, staff service desks, technicians, engineers, communications technicians, software system engineers and other technical staff.


  1. Customized US IT solutions 

Personnel agencies today are not prepared to provide temporary IT staff services, random appointments, contract employment or permanent employment. They may have the ability to provide one or all of these personnel resources.

Every company expects to have a well-planned, well-prepared IT department to meet the growing business needs. However, our ever-changing economic situation affects the needs of IT, especially when it comes to staffing. Here is a summary of the challenges for IT staff.

If you still doubt whether hiring US IT staff resources can be beneficial to your business or not, speak to our experts at +1 (515)974-6768 .


Benefits of Information Technology Staffing Agency

Almost every business needs IT candidates. While there are IT companies and healthcare professionals or legal staff, the IT staff company is always better at finding the right person for the vacant IT position. If a company is looking for an IT specialist, why should it contact an IT staff company? What are the advantages of an IT staff agency over a typical employee firm?

Quick response

Institutions with information technology staff retain a collection of previously tested IT talents. When they receive a job offer, they send it to the recipient to match the needs and skills of one of the candidates. This helps them to find candidates faster. A typical staff agency may not be able to handle such a large group of IT professionals.


Specially trained employers                

It is not possible for a business to employ HR team members who are focused on all technologies. On the other hand, the IT staff agency has employers for certain technologies. Whether you are looking for technology specialists like PeopleSoft or Share Point, the staff agency has a specialized employer who is specially trained and looking to fill this vacancy.


Staff transfer

The service may decide to leave the company during the project. In such cases, IT staff companies can quickly provide a new IT member who not only matches the technical requirements of the project but also better suits the company’s work environment. Working with an IT staff firm helps to avoid slowing down the progress of the project even if the service goes off suddenly.


No wrong rent

A person who hires a staff agency has years of experience in recruiting and hiring IT professionals. The recruiter not only judges the technical knowledge of the selected person but also tries to determine his or her mental structure. He is trying to find out if the person being baptized will be comfortable and productive in a certain work culture. This greatly reduces the chances of unfair employment. Wrong employment costs time and money. Unfair employment can be reduced by working with a hiring firm.

It allows you to focus on the business

An employer can submit an advertisement for a job requirement and receive tons of vacancies. Accepting applications from untrained people will not help the employer. Instead they may spend time cultivating it using unsuitable resumes. Usually the hired company handles everything related to staff – submitting job requirements, reviewing CVs, exams, interviewing candidates and conducting skills testing. It frees up your time so you can focus more on what you do best – your business.

An experienced IT staff factory can make your search for the right person easier. It serves as a link between the demand and supply of skilled IT staff.

Siri is a veteran Human Resources at Skywalk Global, a company focused on IT employment. She has extensive experience and expertise in all areas of human resource development especially in the recruitment and retention of IT staff. For years IT companies have benefited from using her strategies and suggestions. She also writes staff education tips, institutions with information technology staff [http://skywalkglobal.net], labor companies and employers who use human resources.